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Handmade, designed for you

Coveting a cosy knit? Got an idea for a crochet blanket? Want bespoke embroidery done for a special someone or for a big event? Our oh-so-clever creative team will make it for you. For inquiries email us below. 


Seeking a spark of inspiration or need guidance bringing your vision to life? We can arrange for a knitwear designer or pattern editor to help turn your ideas into reality.


We love making crochet bags especially using our 100% biodegradable raffia. If you have a design that needs a pattern or sampling we can do this as well as helping with minimums orders. We encourage slow fashion and making with our hands so even if you only need a small run we can do this. 


Everyone needs bespoke napkins for a special event or party - tell us your design and we can have it hand-embroidered. For more details email us below.


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