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We are a small team who enjoy collaborating with people who appreciate the handmade. Our interests are in textiles and designer vintage pieces.  


The textile source also works with an outstanding group of suppliers who we can connect our clients with to facilitate unique custom-made orders. 


Our online shop showcases eclectic textiles, crochet raffia kits and accessories for those who are inspired by slow fashion. We do limited runs only and where possible try to use surplus textiles that would usually go into landfill. 

The textile source is also about sustainable fashion - we have a life-long love of vintage designer and second-hand clothing that tells a story. After working in media and styling in Hong Kong for many years we have been fortunate to develop a network of fashion and textiles contacts and from time to time have access to true vintage items. Recently we acquired some special pieces through a client who spent the 1980s and 1990s working in fashion and textiles in Hong Kong. As soon as we get through sorting and curating this treasure trove of vintage designer clothing and textiles we will gradually release pieces for sale on the site. 

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